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  • Does my child have to try out for the team?
    The New Orleans Metro Stars is a membership based organization. Anyone can join as long as they are serious about wanting to learn to be a track an field athlete.
  • How old does my athlete have to be to run for the Metro Stars?
    Athletes ages 6 to 18 are welcome on the Metro Stars.
  • How long is the season?
    Typically, practice for the regular season will begin early Spring. The meet schedule runs from Mid May to the end of July. However, we will add Cross Country and Indoor meets to our schedule in addition to Off Season Training if that athlete would like to participate in those normally Off Season activities.
  • How long is Practice?
    Practice typically ends when the athletes finish their workouts completely. Some workouts will be shorter and practice will end early. Some will be longer. Be sure to block out at least 2 hrs on practice days. Please respect everyone's time by arriving on time for practice.
  • How important is practice attendance? Is it mandatory to attend each practice?
    A variety of fundamental concepts need to be covered in Track & Field for all events. The coaches put quality time and commitment into each workout to reassure the athletes progress at the proper rate and refrain from injuries. Therefore, we highly recommend attendance to all practice sessions, especially if your child's priority sport during the summer is going to be track.
  • Is it an issue if my child is involved with other sports during track season?
    It's fine. Schedule conflicts should be discussed with the coaches. Membership dues are still the same.
  • Is it okay for my child to just practice with the team but not participate in the meets?
    Again, the Metro Stars is a Track and Field Club, not a fat camp, nor a fitness class; so we ask for your commitment and dedication to the track club with the interest of your child being a Track & Field Athlete. The workouts will benefit any athlete in various sports, so if you decide on track to assist your child in an alternate sport, that is totally fine, but respect the coaches and your teammates by communicating and attending practice and track meets regularly. Also, by paying the membership fee, you have already paid for your athlete(s)'s entry into the meets.
  • How long are the track meets and when are they scheduled?
    Almost all meets take place on Saturdays. Be prepared to plan your day from 7AM-5PM (See the Well Prepared Track Family for more information on what to bring to a track meet).
  • Is participation in all track meets mandatory?
    Full participation is encouraged for everyone, particularly those who are totally committed to the program and have placed track as a #1 priority for their summer sport. The meet schedule will be released early enough to plan family vacations, or to check for any possible schedule conflicts.
  • My son/ daughter has never run track before, so I am not sure what events will be best for them."
    The coaches will use their best judgement to determine your child's strengths from the workouts and place them in the event(s) they feel your child will have the best potential in. It is likely some will shift various events throughout the season. Please trust the coaches to “Coach” your child.
  • What should my child bring to practice?
    Water or low sugar sport drinks. Wear comfortable workout attire (weather appropriate) and running shoes. Spikes will only be needed when the season begins. During the summer months, we recommend a cooler with ice, water, a wet towel to keep cool, and sunblock. Please be sure NOT to send your child to practice with basketball shoes, school shoes, or dance shoes. A comfortable running shoe with arch and heel support is needed.
  • How much will it cost for my child to run?
    There is one Membership fee everyone pays to become a Metro Star. That registration fee will cover: AAU membership fees for both team and athlete, USA Track and Field Membership and Athlete fees, athlete meet entry fees, Metro Stars Team T-Shirt, and other miscellaneous team purchases. The Uniform Fee is a separate fee because athletes are allowed to re-use the uniform from a previous season if it matches the uniform being used for the current season. You can find more information about membership dues at Also be aware that Membership Dues will not cover any travel fees.
  • About the uniform, does my son/daughter have to wear the tights when they reach the older age groups?"
    No, the compression uniform is definitely optional. However all athletes under the age of 13 are required to wear the shorts. Also if an athlete is a member of a relay squad their uniform must match their teammates'.
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