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Track Shoe Buying Guide

A good pair of track shoes can't turn a slug into a track star - but they can give an athlete an extra edge to help them win their event. Athletes who are competing on a track team or who are focused on specific events will find it helpful to have track-specific footwear. Check out these tips for buying your next, new pair of track shoes.

Track and Field Shoes - Know Your Event

The type of track and field shoes you use will depend on what kind of races or events you participate in.

  • Short Distance/Sprints - For sprints and races under 400 meters, look for a pair of track shoes that is lightweight and streamlined. The shoes should have strong spikes to give you good traction and a fast start.
  • Middle Distance - For middle distance races, like the 800 or 15000 meters, a pair of track shoes should be streamlined but have a bit more cushioning in the heel than a short distance shoe.
  • Long Distance - Longer distance runners should look for a shoe with good cushioning throughout to protect your feet. Track shoes for longer distances will also have fewer spikes in them, as the traction required for a quick start is not as important as good support.

For new runners who have not yet found their event, it's best to err on the side of caution and choose a middle distance/multievent spike.

Track and Field Shoes - What's Your Fit?

The main thing to consider when buying a pair of track shoes, of course, is that they fit and are comfortable. Always try a new pair of running shoes on at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest. Make sure you have plenty of room for your toes and it's always a good idea to go for a short run around the store or the mall to make sure the shoes are comfortable. But, don't run for too long, or the store clerk may think you've decided to skip town without paying for your shoes! Also, be aware that some tracks don't allow runners to wear certain kinds of spikes (because they can wreck the track), so check with your coach to make sure your track shoes are acceptable.

Sprint Spikes

Where to Find Spikes

Spikes can be found in stores and online. Though be best place to find your correct fit is in-store, you will find the be​st variety online.

Here is a list of local stores where you may find spikes: 

​1. Louisiana Running + Walking Co

​    4153 Canal St, 70119

​2. Varsity Sports

​    3450 Magazine St, 70115

​3. Nike Factory Store

​    4101 S Carrollton Ave, 70119

​4. Dicks Sporting Goods

​    197 Westbank Expy, 70053

​5. Academy Sports & Outdoors

​    8843 Veterans Memorial Blvd, 70003​

Here are links to websites where you may find spikes:

1.  Eastbay

2.  Footlocker

3.  Champs Sports

4.  Fitness Sports

5.  Amazon

6.  Dick Pond Athletics

7.  6pm

8.  VS Athletics

Mid Distance Spikes

Distance Spikes